Nadine Marshall

Certifications: RYT - 200hr Power Vinyasa, 100hr Yin, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Pre/post Natal Training

Nadine is passionate about exploring life and being curious of everything it has to offer. She discovered yoga over 10 years ago, and started practicing consistently as it became deeply healing and grounding during a difficult time. She decided to deepen her practice further, therefore diving into her first Yoga Teacher training at Halifax Yoga with Sherry Zak in September 2012. Finishing with a 200 hour Power Vinyasa certificate, she had found a calling! With further teachings in Trauma Sensitive Yoga at Kripalu and Yin with Stephanie Calhoun in 2014, and most recently Pre/Post natal. Hungry for knowledge, her learning will never cease. Nadine learns from her students everyday. To guide and empower people to step into their own power is a privilege. Nadine is known for her authentic and non-judgemental teaching style and it comes straight from her heart. Everybody can do yoga. Her vision is to create a commUNITY where everyone feels safe and supported in their practice. Come explore and have fun!!

Nadine Marshall instructs the following:

  • Breath and body moving as one. This practice creatively weaves postures together to strengthen the entire body while the continuous movement brings an element of meditation to the practice. Flow classes are stimulating and transformative, a great class for those seeking a physical and meditative practice. Come prepared to sweat and skillfully expand physical and emotional boundaries.

  • WARM YIN YOGA (deep stretch)
  • In a moderately heated room, this class offers a more meditative style that works on the connective tissues in the body. This style is great for improving flexibility, while maintaining joint mobility and bone health. The room is heated to 90 degrees.

  • Practiced in a moderately heated room. Warm the body up inside and out! Explore the depths of yoga as you flow through a guided Vinyasa practice incorporating hand balancing, inversions, backbending. Then melt your muscles with deep stretching with Yin Yoga.