Hot Classes


In the Fredericton location we have installed a medical grade infrared heating system for the classes. Provided by SaunaRay, this is the largest infrared sauna in Atlantic Canada! There is absolutely no toxic material in this sauna, the wood is allergy free Basswood and the heat emitters are medical grade ceramic plates. The detoxifying effects and health benefits of this infrared sauna are endorsed by many doctors including those working with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and breast cancer patients.


  • To allow muscles to elongate easily
  • To enhance soft tissue stretching
  • To improve circulation
  • To eliminate toxins
  • To promote healing and prevent injury
  • To improve concentration

HOT YOGA: There are many Hot Yoga styles out there, from Bikram to Moksha Yoga to an class on the beach in Costa Rica at the height of summer!  In true dynamic style our Hot Yoga classes are derived from diverse disciplines including but never limited to: YYoga & the Tapasya Hot Series, Bikram, Anusara & Hatha Yoga.  The poses in our hot classes along with specific alignment and timing principles are designed to enhance strength, flexibility and balance both physically and mentally. The hot room facilitates deeper, safer stretching while your detoxifying sweat helps flush impurities from the body. The practice is strong and empowering, allowing you to tap into your own internal fire and determination.


HOT ATHLETICA: An exclusive to Dynamic Fitness! Designed by Dave with the help of Dynamics' trainers and Kinesiologist, this innovative class is done in a room heated to 95 degrees and combines all of Dynamic's strengths in 1 class. Focusing on high-intensity cardio intervals, core work, strength training and yoga, Hot Athletica works every system of your body in just 45 minutes!


HOT YIN YOGA: In a moderately heated room, this class offers a more meditative style that works on the connective tissues in the body. This style is great for improving flexibility, while maintaining joint mobility and bone health. The room is heated to 90 degrees.


HOT HATHA YOGA: Classes draw from the various lineages of Hatha yoga with a strong influence from the teachings of Anusara yoga. These classes emphasize alignment and poetically weave postures together. Explore the possibilities of your practice with more challenging posture variations.  Cultivate strength, balance, flexibility and attuned awareness as you skillfully dive deeper into the body and spirit.


HOT FLOW:  In a moderately heated room, this class uses the union of movement, breath and music to help get us out of our heads and into our hearts. With it's roots in Vinyasa Yoga and Anusara Yoga, this class offers yoga students a chance to let go of inhibitions to become more flexible in mind and spirit!  Combing breath with movement to create more heat from the inside out.


WARM FLOW & YIN YOGA: A delicious combination of Warm Yoga Flow & Yin Yoga!

PILATES YOGA / PIYO: Pilates and yoga infusion is a fun & challenging combination of Vinyasa Yoga & Pilates that allows us to find the beautiful balance of movement, stretching, & isolation of specific targeted muscles for a full body workout.