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Dynamic Fitness began as a vision and has since evolved from a small loft studio and warehouse gym into a community of Hot Yoga Studios and Boutiques. Charlottetown entrepreneur Dave MacEachern launched Dynamic Fitness out of a bag with NHL All-Star Brad Richards in 2001, upon retiring from the national bobsleigh team. 11 years, and a handful of transformations later, Dynamic Fitness continues to evolve. It now consists of an athletic development company (Eli Sport PEI), Pilates and cross training facility, and three Hot Yoga studios, (Charlottetown, Moncton and Fredericton). 


After 10 years of dedicated training for and competing in three Olympic games, Dave "Eli" MacEachern, brought high performance training back home.  His personal goal after winning the Gold medal in 1998 was to offer other young athletes in Atlantic Canada the level of athletic training he experienced while training for the Olympics, yet didn’t have access to growing up.  In the tradition of coming in first place, Dave proceeded introduce power-speed training to young athletes across PEI.  These athletes going on to perform in the highest level of competitive and professional sports.  By way of staying truly dynamic and offering the best methods of fitness available, Dave, along with his wife Triona, opened the first Pilates studio on Prince Edward Island.  High performance training was no longer just reserved for aspiring & elite athletes, this level of fitness was now available to everyone with the desire to be strong & healthy!   Dave and the Dynamic team have always embraced the evolution of training and fitness.  In 2009, Dave opened the first Hot Yoga Studio on Prince Edward Island introducing islanders to the benefits of heat and detoxification of sweat!  


The aspiration of a young athlete 15 years ago became reality, as Dynamic Fitness has become the most unique cross training facility in Atlantic Canada with access to high performance training, Pilates, Hot Yoga & the Dynamic signature class Hot Athletica.  Dynamic Fitness has been able to evolve with the ideas, hard work and support of a dynamic team of committed individuals and most importantly through a community of devoted students.


The Dynamic brand has expanded across the bridge, opening locations in Moncton & Fredericton, New Brunswick.